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  • Minecraft Quiz – How much do you really know about Minecraft? Test it with this quiz!
  • Terraria Quiz – If you like Minecraft, you probably like Terraria as well. Take this quiz!
  • Pokemon Quiz – Are you a Pokémon master?
  • Minecraft Network – A collection of awesome Minecraft websites
  • Minecraft Inventions – A website where you can download and share your own Minecraft custom maps, mods & skins
  • Minecraft Servers List – Click here if you’re looking for great Minecraft servers to play on!
  • Minecraft Animals – A complete wiki exclusively about Minecraft animals. Also find out which animal you are!
  • Share Minecraft Videos – You can watch let’s plays or other types of videos about Minecraft here, or share your own
  • Minecraft Achievements – A wiki about how to get all Minecraft achievements in the game, whether it’s PC, Playstation or Xbox
  • Minecraft Memes – Laugh your ass off with these Minecraft memes or create your own with our generator!
  • Minecraft Seed – Magnificent Minecraft seeds for the newest versions of Minecraft for PC and Pocket Edition
  • Minecraft Maps & Tools – Wafflecakes is a custom map maker, check out his creations!
  • Wafflecakes Seeds – He also publishes great seeds!